Class 10th English

Class 10th English VVI Objective Question on Latest Pattern

Once Upon A Time 

1. Who is the author of the story ‘Once Upon a Time’? 

(A) Aung San Suu Kyi

(B) R.C. Hutchinson

(C) Toni Morrison

(D) Rohitan Mistri

Answer.- (C)

2. Who is the first black woman to receive a Nobel Prize? 

(A) Aung San Suu Kyi

(B) Toni Morrison 

(C) Amrita Pritam

(D) None of these

Answer.- (D)

3. When did Toni Morrison receive the Nobel Prize? 

(A) A.D. 1990 

(B) A.D. 1992

(C) A.D. 1993 

(D) A.D. 1994

Answer.- (C)

4. Which of the following awards was also given to Toni Morrison? 

(A) Booker Awards

(B) Remon Magssessay

(C) Pulitzer 

(D) None of these

Answer.- (C)

5. Which of the following is the recent novel of Ton Morrison? 

(A) Merchant 

(B) Paradise

(C) Apartheid 

(D) None of these

Answer.- (B)

6. How was the old woman? 

(A) Blind 

(B) Wise

(C) Softly spoked

(D) All of these 

Answer.- (D)

7. What is the position of an old woman in her neighborhood?

(A) Hatred

(B) Respected as Rural Prophet

(C) As quarreling woman

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (B)

8. Why did the young people visit the old woman? 

(A) To say her to leave her house

(B) To diaspprove her clairvoyance

(C) To approve her clairvoyance

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (B)

9. What disability did the woman have? 

(A) Fatness 

(B) Unable to move

(C) Blindness Test

(D) Could not talk

Answer.- (C)

10. Did she know about their motive ? 

(A) Yes 

(B) No

(C) Confused 

(D) None of these

Answer.- (A)

11. The old woman was… 

(A) Foolish 

(B) Wise

(C) Shy 

(D) Bold 

Answer.- (B)

12. The young people asked the old woman a question whose answer could only be given by one who could ……….

(A) Hear 

(B) Smell

(C) Read 

(D) See 

Answer.- (D)

13. The old woman was …………. enough to know she could not help the young people.

(A) Stupid 

(B) Intelligent

(C) Strong 

(D) Suspicious 

Answer.- (B)

14. The sadness of the slaves made them sit with their ……… bent. 

(A) Wrists 

(B) Shoulders

(C) Spoons 

(D) Legs 

Answer.- (B)

15. Every one of the slaves knew that the next stop will be their 

(A) First 

(B) Second

(C) Fourth 

(D) Last 

Answer.- (D)

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