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Bihar Board English 100 Marks Objective Answer Key 2020 // BSEB English Exam Answer Key Downlaod

Bihar 12th 100 Marks English 2020 Exam Question Answer Key English Objective  Objective Answer Key 2020 

Bihar School Examination Board, Patna going to conduct the exam on the  Feb 2020. This year Board Exam NRB (Non-Rashtriya Bhasha ) Hindi conducted by the separate the exam. Students after the exam of Bihar Board ISC Hindi 50 Marks to search BSEB 12th Hindi 50 Marks 2020 Answer, Bihar Board Class 12th NRB 50 Marks Objective Solution 2020. 

English 100 Marks Objective Answer keys Exam 2020 :  Bihar School Examination Board has conducted the Examination of Bihar Board Intermediate Physics Chemistry N.R.B 50 Marks Hindi  ENGLISH 100 Marks I.Sc & I.Com  Exam on February 2020. It has been conducted by Bihar School Examination Board at Various Centers all over Bihar. About 12.50 Lakhs Student have been registered for Bihar Board Inter Physics Chemistry Math Biology  N.R.B & MB Language Subject Exam 2020.  As like Previous Year, this year also exam has been conducted on the changed pattern. Like wise previous 2 years  50% MCQ/Objective type question and 50% Subjective type question will be asked.

¤ Paper I- Theory Paper- Theory Paper consists of ENGLISH 100 Marks Objective MCQ Type and Subjective Type. Theory paper Contains 50 Marks.

Marks Distribution of Subjective type question is 50 Marks

Marks Distribution of MCQ type question is 50 Marks


BSEB Inter Exam N.R.B Hindi 50 Marks  MCQ Objective 2020 Answer Key For the benifit of Bihar Board student, Starkstudy.com team has decided to upload the answer key of all subject of Bihar Board Inter Exam including Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemsitry, English and Hindi & All ARTS Subject Question With Answer We will Upload the answer key of all Subjective and Objective Question of Bihar Board Inter Exam 2020.


Question Nos. 1 to 60 have four options out of which only one is correct: You have to mark your selected option on the OMR Sheet. You have to attempt only 50 questions. 

50 X 1 = 50

1. Choose the correctly spelt word:

(A) Vitamin 

(B) Vitimin

(C) Vetamin 

(D) Vitemin 

2. He said to me, “Will you post this letter for me?

(Choose the correct indirect narration )

(A) He asked me if I would post that letter for him

(B) He asked me if I would post this letter to him

(C) He asked me if I will post that letter to him

(D) He said to me if I would post that letter to him

3. Let me …… the classroom please. (Choose the correct verb)

(A) to leave 

(B) leaving 

(C) leaves 

(D) have left

4. She ….. be above forty. (Choose the correct verb ) 

(A) will 

(B) needs

(C) used to

(D) ought

5. ‘You ……………….. the piano.

(Choose the correct option)

(A) am playing 

(B) is playing 

(C) are playing

(D) was playing

6. Choose the correct sentence.

(A) Either of three men can do it. 

(B) Any of the three men can do it.

(C) Either of the three men can do it. 

(D) Any of three men can do it.

7. The mother sat in a corner …………… her son take his baby steps.  (Choose the best option)

(A) watched 

(B) watching

(D) to watch

(C) watch

8. Please give me…………….. cake that is on the table. (Choose the correct article ) 

(B) an 

(C) the 

(D no article

9. Choose the correct sentence.

(A) I do not like coffee 

(B) I no like coffee 

(c) I had no like coffee

 (D) I will no like coffee 

10. ………….. he drive to work ? ( Choose the best option) 

(A) Has 

(B Don’t 

(C) Do 

(D) Does 

11. There is a bridge ….. the river. (Choose the correct preposition)

(A) across 

(B) in 

(C) at 

(D) of 

12. It may rain. We will get wet. ( Choose the correct combination)

(A) If it will rain, we get wet 

(B) Had it rained; we get wet 

(C) If it rains, we will get wet.

(D) If it may rain, we get-wet 

13. He … classical music for four hours everyday. (Choose the correct option) 

(A) practises 

(B) practise 

(C) is practise 

(D) was practise

14. Rita ……………….. to the radio. (Choose the correct option ) 

(A) is listening 

(B) has listening 

(C) am listening 

(D) had listening

15. Choose the correct sentence : 

(A) She want three egg 

(B) She wants three egg 

 (C) She wanting three eggs

(D) She wants three egg 

16. Learning ……………………. isn’t easy. ( Choose the correct option).

(A) the French 

(B) French 

(C) of French 

(D) in French

17. He is going ……………… leave next week. ( Choose the correct preposition ) :: 

(A) at 

(B) on 

(C) over 

(D) of

18. Please be quiet. I …… my homework. ( Choose the best option). 

(A) is doing 

(B) will doing 

(ç) am doing 

(D) are doing

19. He has broken his leg, so he …………. play football. ( Choose the correct auxiliary verb ) 

(B) should 

(A) can’t

(C) must 

(D) needs not

20. The cat is eating the fish.” ( Choose the correct Passive voice). 

(A) The fish is being eaten by the cat 

(B) The fish was eat by the cat 

(C) The cat is ate by the fish 

(D) The cat had eaten the fish : 

21. The teacher ……………….. about the weather ( Choose the correct option ) 

(A) said 

(B) spoke 

(c) talked 

(D) told

22. We …………………. that you would succeed.  (Choose the correct option) 

(A) hoping 

(B) hoped 

(C) had hoped 

(D) will hope

23. Shyam asked her if she was ill. (Choose the correct direct narration) 

(A) Shyam asked her, “You are ill.”

(B) Shyam told her, “Was she ill pas. 

(C) Shyam said to her, “Are you ill ?”

(D) Shyam said to her, “Is she ill ?”

24. You …..   get a new dress tomorrow. ( Choose the correct option)

 (B) do 

(a) will 

(D) hadn’t 

(C) didn’t

25. Choose the correctly spelt word.

(B) Inteligent 

(A) Intilligent 

(D) Intiligint 

(C) Intelligent

26. Are you coming with us ?’ He asked me. (Choose the correct indirect speech) 

(A) He asked me if I was going with them 

(B) He asks if I was going with them 

(C) He had asked if I was going with them 

(D) He will ask if I am coming with them 

27.. Who is the person ………………. this picture ? (Choose the correct preposition) 

(A) at

(B) by 

(C) over 

(D) in

28. Arti made me …………… my shoes before I went into her house. ( Choose the correct option). 

(A) to take off 

(B) took off 

(C) take off 

(D) taken off 

29. The teacher ………. the lesson yesterday. ( Choose the correct option) 

(A) tcaches 

(B) taughi 

(C) will teach 

(D) has taught 

30. A written statement or oath is ( Choose the correct option ) 

(A) a deed 

(B) an alimony 

(C) a letter 

(D) an affidavit

31. Yesterday, I ….. ……… to buy bread. ( Choose the correct option ) 

(A) go 

(B) going 

(C) to go 

(D) went 

32. We ……………… him yesterday.( Choose the correct option), 

(A) were visiting 

(B) visited 

(c) have visited 

(D) will be visiting 

33. Choose the correct sentence : 

(A) He will never speak lie

(B) He will never tell lie 

(C) He will never say a lie

(D). He will never tell a lie

34. She is pleased … me.(Choose the correct option)

(A) at 

(B) on 

(C) with 

(D) from

35. The windows have been cleaned. (Choose the correct Active voice ) 

(A) Someone may clean the windows 

(B) Someone had cleaned the windows 

(C) Someone has cleaned the windows 

(D) Someone will clean the windows.

36. Choose the correct sentence. 

(B) I going now 

(A) I am going now

(C) I gone now 

(D) I will going now

Instruction : Questions from 37 to 60 are based on the prescribed texts.

37. The Great Vowel Shift took place during (Choose the correct option)

 (A) Modern English . 

(C) Old English 

(B) Middle English

(D) British English

38. English language is ……….than Sanskrit.(Choose the correct option) 

(A) older 

(B) ancient 

(C) younger

(D) classical

39. Our forefathers did not invent machinery because.(Choose the correct option) 

(A) they knew we would become şlaves

(B) they knew we would be happy 

(C) they did not like to see us comfortable 

(D) they were jealous of us. 

40. Walter de la Mare was born in 

( Choose the correct option) 

(B) 1867 

(A)  1853

(D) 1889 


41. English used from the 15th century is called ( Choose the correct option) 

(B) Modern English 

(A) Old English

(D) Post-modern English 

(C) Middle English 

42. Savitri’ is written by : ( Choose the correct option)

 (A) Aurobindo Ghosh

(B) Sarojini Naidu 

(D) Toru Dutt

(C) R. N. Tagore

43. Bertrand Russell was awarded Nobel Prize in literature in (Choose the correct option )

(B) 1952

(A) 1956 

(D) 1953

(C) 1950

44. Standard British English speech came to be known as (Choose the correct option)

(A) Second languag

(B) New English 

(C) American English 

(D) Received Pronunciation

45. After all, there is something in Hinduism that has kept it alive. up till now’.is  from  ( Choose the correct option )

(A): The Earth

(B)’ Indian Civilization and Culture 

(C) Bharat is My Home

(D)’ I Have a Dream

46. “And stooped and drank a little more” is from ( Choose the correct option) 

(A) Fire-Hymn 

(B) Song of Myself

(C) Snake 

(D) Ode to Aụtumn.

47. What, according to Zakir Hussain, which is the prime instrument of national purpose ? ( Choose the correct option) :-

(A) Business 

(B) Service

(C) Politics 

(D) Education

48. Radhakrishnan never lost his faith in the (Choose the correct option)

(A) essential wealth . 

(B) essential humanity of man

(C) essential knowledge 

(D) essential experience

49. And the active hands must…….

Lonely on the separate knees. 

( Choose the correct option) 

(B) pluck

(C) freeze 

(D) snatch 

(A) die

50. Dr. Zakir Hussain is the author of the piece. ( Choose the correct option ).

(A) The Artist” 

(C) A Child is Born

(B) Bharat is My Home 

(D) How. Free is the Press

51. ‘Macbeth’and ‘Julius Caeser’ are written by (Choose the correct option ) 

(A) Goldsmith

(C) Shakespeare.

(B) ‘Ben Jonson 

(D) Sheridan 

52. ………………… were satisfied with small villages. ( Choose the correct option).’

(A) Old people

(B) Our ancestors

(C) Youth

(D) Adults

53. Walter de la Mare makes us aware of the ( Choose the correct option ) 

(A) inhuman conditions of modern life

(B) poverty 

(C) dreams

(D) London life

54. “The Wasteland” is written by.  (Choose the correct option ) 

(A) T. S: Eliot

(B) W. H. Auden

(C) S. T. Coleridge 

(D) John Donne

55. Rupert Brooke praises ( Choose the correct option)

(A) England 

(B) Germany

(c) Russian 

(D) America

56. “And as we walk, we make the pledge that we shall.

(Choose the correct option)

(B) always fight 

(A) always be satisfied

(C) always hate people

(D) always march ahead 

57. John Donne is a ………………….. poet. (Choose the correct option ) 

(A) nature

(B) metaphysical 

(C) cavalier 

(D) romantic

58. “Ideas That Have Helped Mankind” is written by ( Choose the correct option)

(A) Germaine Green

(B) Pearl S. Buck 

(C) Shiga Naoya

(D)  Bertrand Russell

59: “In hearts at peace, under an English heaven” is from ( Choose the correct option )

(A) Ode to Autumn

(B) The Soldier

(C) Song of Myself 

(D) Fire-Hymn

60. “And the nightingale is dumb” is from (Choose the correct option )

(A) Fire-Hymn

(C) Now the Leaves are Falling Fast 

(B) Ode to Autumn 

(D) Sweetest. Love I Do Not Goe

Bihar Board Intermediate EXAM OBJECTIVE Answer Key- SET Wise 2020

S.N Set / Code  Objective Answer  Subjective Answer
1. Code A Download Download
2. Code B Download Download
3. Code C Download Download
4. Code D Download Download
5. Code E Download Download
6. Code F Download Download
7. Code G Download Download
8. Code H Download Download
9. Code I Download Download
10. Code J Download Download



1- A 9- A 17- B 25- C 33- D 41- B
2- A 10- D 18- C 26- A 34- C 42- A
3- C 11- A 19- A 27- D 35- C 43- C
4- A 12- C 20- A 28- C 36- A 44- D
5- C 13- A 21- D 29- B 37- B 45- B
6- A 14- A 22- B 30- D 38- C 46- C
7- C 15- D 23- C 31- D 39- A 47- D
8- C 16- B 24- A 32- B 40- C 48- B
49- C 50- B 51- C 52- B 53- A 54-  A
55- A 56- D 57- B 58- D 59- B 60- C








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