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Class 10th English VVI Objective Question The Pace For Living MCQ

Class 10th English VVI Objective Question The Pace For Living MCQ Type Question

The Pace For Living Chapter Objective Question

1. “The Pace for Living’ is written by 

(A) R.C. Hutchinson

(B) William Cooper 

(C) Vidyapati

(D) Joan Lexau

Answer.- (A)

2. R.C. Hutchinson was a ……. 

(A) American Novelist

(B) British Novelist 

(C) French Novelist

(D) Italian Novelist

Answer.- (B)

3. Where did the author see a play in which a corn-merchant was the chief character?

(A) Budapest

(B) Milan

(C) Dublin 

(D) Canterbury

Answer.- (C)

4. Who had the fantastic notion of spending £ 10 on a holiday? 

(A) Son of Corn-merchant

(B) Daughter of Corn-merchant

(C) Father of Corn-merchant 

(D) Wife of Corn-merchant

Answer.- (D)

5. Who was cheating the corn-merchant ? 

(A) His Son A

(B) His Nephew

(C) His Daughter

(D) His Wife 

Answer.- (B)

6. Who didn’t dislike the rapid movement of life? 

(A) Corn-merchant

(B) Nephew of Corn-merchant

(C) The Author

(D) Wife of Corn-merchant 

Answer.- (C)

7. Who did like fast travelling?

(A) The Corn-merchant

(B) The wife of Corn-merchant

(C) The Author

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (C)

8. Which word in the passage stands for worship? 

(A) Adore 

(B) Esprit

(C) Escapiert

(D) Diespair

Answer.- (A)

9. Which tribe did the author belong to ? 

(A) Fast thinkers

(B) Slow thinkers

(C) Steady thinkers

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (B)

10. How many girls were in the film ?

(A) Two 

(B) Three

(C) Four 

(D) Five

Answer.- (B)

11. In ‘The Pace for Living’, the writer captures the agony of  …….. man.

(A) Modern 

(B) Ancient

(C) Future 

(D) Uncivilized 

Answer.- (A)

12. The main character in the play which the author saw was alan ……….. corn-merchant.

(A) Elderly 

(B) Handicapped

(C) Young 

(D) Diabetic 

Answer.- (A)

13. The author admits that quick travel does not give the travell the real ……………….. of travel.

(A) Pains 

(B) Pleasure

(C) Dreams 

(D) Knowledge

Answer.- (B)

14. Slow thinkers have a disadvantage when it comes to earning a ………………

(A) car 

(B) factory

(C) living 

(D) holiday 

Answer.- (C)

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