Class 10th English

Class 10th Exam English VVI Objective Ode On Solitude Chapter

Ode On Solitude

1. Who is the poet of the poem “Ode on Solitude”? 

(A) William Cowper

(B) William Wordsworth 

(C) Alexander Pope

(D) Puran Singh

Answer.- (C)

2. Where does the happy man live, according to this poetry? 

(A) In forest 

(B) In towns

(C) In his native land

(D) None of these

Answer.- (C)

3. How is the content? 

(A) To live peacefully

(B) to live with comfort

(C) To live with luxury

(D) None of these

Answer.- (A)

4. Who gives him bread?

(A) Market 

(B) His field

(C) Farmer 

(D) None of these

Answer.- (B)

5. From where does he get his clothes? 

(A) From bamboos

(B) From leathers of animals

(C) From his flocks of sheep

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (C)

6. How does the poet desire to sleep? 

(A) So long 

(B) Soundly

(C) Sleep for fewer hours

(D) None of these

Answer.- (B)

7. The poet does not want anything to mark the place where he is 

(A) Buried 

(B) Sitting

(C) Hiding 

(D) Lost

Answer.- (A)

8. A happy man’s wants are satisfied by the property inherited by him from his

(A) Uncle

(B) Mother

(C) Cousin

(D) Father

Answer.- (D)

9. Hours, days and years slide away ………….. for the happy man.

(A) Hard 

(B) Quickly

(C) Softly 

(D) Tensely 

Answer.- (C)

10. Meditation …………… the happy man. 

(A) Saddens 

(B) Pleases

(C) Worries 

(D) Disturbs 

Answer.- (B)

11. What does the Poet Wish? 

(A) His hours, days and year’s pass away softly

(B) To spend a luxurious life

(C) To live with comfort

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (A)

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