Class 10th English

Class 10th Exam Bihar Board English VVI Objective Question


1. Who is the poet of the poetry, “Koel (The Black Cuckoo)”? 

(A) Puran Singh

(B) Laxmi Prasad Devkota

(C) Vidyapati 

(D) Arundhati Roy

Answer.- (A)

2. What is the meaning of “Thy”? 

(A) Own 

(B) My

(C) Your 

(D) Our 

Answer.- (C)

3. Where does the Cuckoo conceal itself? 

(A) In forest 

(B) In the leaves of any plant

(C) In Mango-leaves

(D) None of these

Answer.- (C)

4. What does the bird do to the poet? 

(A) Wakes the poet’s soul

(B) Sang in a musical voice

(C) Attacked upon him

(D) None of these

Answer.- (A)

5. Why is the bird so restless?

(A) Because the bird has no shelter to live and sing

(B) Because they are hard-working

(C) They are travellers in habbit

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (A)

6. What chars the cuckoo wings? 

(A) The fire & love

(B) The fire of love 

(C) The passion & fire

(D) None of these

Answer.- (B)

7. The poet asks the koel what has ………… her. 

(A) Hurt

(B) Forgotten

(C) Told 

(D) Made

Answer.- (A)

8. The high-pitched strains of the koel wakes in the poet’s soul a thousand

(A) Dreams 

(B) Desires 

(C) Memories

(D) Longings 

Answer.- (C)

9. The koel is full of dissatisfaction because its … is not with her.

(A) Husband 

(B) Lover

(C) Brother 

(D) Mother 

Answer.- (B)

10. The koel asks the …………. not to be motionless and tell it where its beloved is.

(A) Trees 

(B) Leaves

(C) Branches

(D) Fruits 

Answer.- (B)

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