Class 10th English

10th Exam English Important Objective Question The Bet Chapter

The Bet

1. Who is the author of the story “The Bet”? 

(A) Dr. Rana S.P. Singh

(B) Premchand

(C) Anton Chekov

(D) John Galsworthy

Answer.- (C)

2. Why was the banker afraid of honouring the Bet?

(A) Lawyer was confined for long period

(B) The banker’s economic condition had become weak

(C) The banker was very rich

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (B)

3. Who were the persons involved in the Bet ?

(A) The banket

(B) The lawyer & a young man

(C) A rich & young person

(D) All of the above 

Answer.- (D)

4. Is capital punishment justified? 

(A) Yes 

(B) No

(C) Sometimes justified 

(D) Not justified except in some cases 

Answer.- (B)

5. Why did the banker weep to read the notes of the lawyer? 

(A) To read the notes

(B) Because he was filled with guilt

(C) Felt contempt for herself

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (B)

6. The bet was struck between the banker and the 

(A) Lawyer 

(B) Scholar

(C) Journalist 

(D) Doctor 

Answer.- (A)

7. The banker was sure that the lawyer would not agree to stay imprisoned in a cell for …………… years.

(A) Five 

(B) Ten

(C) Fifteen 

(D) Twenty

Answer.- (A)

8. The lawyer read only books with ………… themes in his first year of confinement.

(A) Serious 

(B) Violent

(C) Light 

(D) Sad 

Answer.- (C)

9. The banker decided to murder the …… 

(A) Guard 

(B) Servant

(C) Gardener 

(D) Lawyer 

Answer.- (D)

10. To prove that the lawyer hated everything that the world …… he was going to give up his right to the two million. 

(A) Criticized 

(B) Valued

(C) Lost 

(D) Found 

Answer.- (B)

Matric 10th Exam English Important Objective Question On Latest Pattern

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Matric 10th Exam English Important Objective Question On Latest Pattern

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