Class 10th English

Matric 10th Exam English Important Objective Question Quality Chapter


1. Who is the author of the story? 

(A) Anton Chekov

(B) Katherine Mansfield 

(C) John Galsworthy

(D) Binapani Mohanti

Answer.- (C)

2. Who was Mr. Gessler? 

(A) A goldsmith

 (B) A Carpenter

(C) A shoemaker

(D) A farmer 

Answer.- (C)

3. How did the author know him? 

(A) As an artist

(B) As a professional shoe trade

(C) As a commercial artist

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (A)

4. What was the author’s opinion about Mr. Gessler as a shoemaker 

(A) Man of good nature

(B) Good as the heart and hard mind

(C) Jealous in nature

(D) All of the above 

Answer.- (B)

5. Mr. Gessler was not successful in his trade, why? 

(A) He was a true shoe-maker but not a true businessman

(B) He was not in favour of new developments

(C) He avoided to adopt new techniques 

(D) He took a long time to finish his orders

Answer.- (D)

6. Mr. Gessler was a …………. bootmaker. 

(A) Russian 

(B) German

(C) French 

(D) English 

Answer.- (B)

7. For Mr. Gessler, bootmaking was a/anus 

(A) Art 

(B) Burden

(C) Job 

(D) Timepass 

Answer.- (A)

8. Mr. Gessler blamed the big firms for taking away the livelihood of ……….. like himself who worked on a low scale. 

(A) Shopkeepers

(B) Landowners

(C) Bearers 

(D) Workers

Answer.- (D)

9. The young man admitted that Mr. Gessler was the best bootmaker in

(A) Berlin 

(B) Tokyo

(C) London 

(D) Paris 

Answer.- (C)

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Class 10th Matric Exam English (अंग्रेजी) VVI Objective MCQ Question Latest Pattern BSEB 10th Exam 2021 English Class Notes PDF, Class 10th English (अंग्रेजी) Objective & Subjective Question 2021 Exam

Matric 10th Exam English Important Objective Question Quality Chapter

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