Class 10th English

BSEB 10th Exam English Love Defiled Chapter VVI Objective

Love Defiled

1. Who is the author of the story “Love Defiled”? 

(A) Giridhar Jha

(B) Katherine Mansfield 

(C) Binapani Mohanty

(D) None of these

Answer.- (A)

2. What was the nature of the girl? 

(A) Gentle 

(B) Naughty

(C) Beautiful 

(D) None of these

Answer.- (A)

3. Which of the following is represented by the Girl? 

(A) A latest prototype of modern educated girl

(B) A classic prototype of a modern educated girl

(C) An old prototype of educated girl

(D) None of these to 

Answer.- (A)

4. The girlfriend’s husband had wanted to became …… 

(A) an IAS officer

(B) a writer 

(C) a journalist

(D) a police officer

Answer.- (C)

5. Who was not honest in his relationship? 

(A) The girl 

(B) The Narrator

(C) The Author

(D) None of these

Answer.- (B)

6. ‘Love Defiled’ is a story about the relationship of the narrator with his

(A) Brother 

(B) Girlfriend

(C) Sister 

(D) Cousin 

Answer.- (B)

7. The narrator ………….. up with his girlfriend. 

(A) Broke 

(B) Patched

(C) Beat 

(D) Drove 

Answer.- (A)

8. The author went to his ex-girlfriend’s marriage unescorted by his 

(A) Wife 

(B) Parents

(C) Children 

(D) Sister 

Answer.- (A)

9. The narrator realised that his character was as …………. as his looks.

(A) Handsome 

(B) Ugly

(C) Charming

(D) Attractive

Answer.- (B)

Matric 10th Exam English Important Objective Question On Latest Pattern

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Class 10th Matric Exam English (अंग्रेजी) VVI Objective MCQ Question Latest Pattern BSEB 10th Exam 2021 English Class Notes PDF, Class 10th English (अंग्रेजी) Objective & Subjective Question 2021 Exam

Matric 10th Exam English Important Objective Question On Latest Pattern

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