Class 10th English

Class 10th Board Exam English VVI Objective Question

The Empty Heart: Poem

1. Who has written the poem, “The Empty Heart”?

(A) Vidyapati

(B) Puran Singh 

(C) Periasamy Thoran

(D) Amrita Pritam

Answer.- (C)

2. What was the problem of the man? 

(A) he was very dissatisfied

(B) he was very much in threat

(C) he had a crisis of money

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (A)

3. What did he demand from the tree? 

(A) Pot of Gold

(B) Pot of Silver 

(C) Pot of Bronze

(D) Pot of Copper

Answer.- (A)

4. What happened to his prayer? 

(A) His prayers were not granted

(B) His prayers were granted

(C) His prayers were neither granted nor refused

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (B)

5. What we’re in the pitchers?

(A) Gold Coins

(B) Silver Coins 

(C) Copper Coins

 (D) None of these

Answer.- (A)

6. Greed is …………. but life is not. 

(A) Worthy 

(B) Bad

(C) Good 

(D) Endless 

Answer.- (D)

7. This poem tells about the problems caused by

(A) Sickness 

(B) Poverty

(C) Overeating

(D) Greed 

Answer.- (D)

8. There was a ……… which had the power to grant wishes. 

(A) Snake 

(B) Pigeon

(C) Tree 

(D) Temple 

Answer.- (C)

9. The tree gave the man seven ……….. full of gold coins. 

(A) Pots/Pitchers

(B) Pans

(C) Bags 

(D) Sacks 

Answer.- (A)

10. The man tried all tricks to gather 

(A) Silver 

(B) Diamonds

(C) Jewellery

(D) Gold 

Answer.- (D)

11. What made him mad? 

(A) His greedy tendency

(B) His tendency to getting more & more

(C) Sudden shock

(D) None of these 

Answer.- (B)

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